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With blockchain.

Forward thinking people use Tsaishen to protect their home ownership and make faster, cheaper, and safer real estate transactions with anyone in the world.

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Take complete control of your biggest asset

Simplify everything real estate with blockchain technology.

For most people, their home is their biggest asset. Why trust the proof of ownership, listings, or transactions to other people? Take control of your assets and wealth, transfer the property fast, and save well over $100,000.

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Can you trust blockchain?

Millions of people and billions of dollars already do. This new technology is ground-breaking, fast-growing, and it will take over EVERY industry we know of. It will completely transform how we buy, sell, transfer, trade or do anything else.

Blockchain today is where internet was in the early 1990's.Here are the stats that explain why so many really smart people are switching to blockchain. Our question is, why don't you?


Active users


Data breaches


Global uptime



Ridiculously Simple

On the blockchain in just a few clicks.

Once you upload your house onto the blockchain (tokenize) you can transfer it onto any web3 platform or crypto wallet without anyone's permission. Then you can hold onto it, sell or transfer it to anyone in the world.

You can borrow against it, split it into smaller pieces (fractionalize) for co-ownership in equity, easily create syndications (debt or equity driven), and make wealth locked within your real estate more liquid (if you wish). Coming Soon

Create your account

Our sign up is super-simple. Fill out the basic info about you, pass the AI enabled verification process, and you are in.

Upload your home

Our simple 2-step process will take only minutes. Give basic info about your place, upload the document and done.

Choose when and where to transfer

You can hold onto your tokenized home forever. When ready, you can sell it or transfer it with a few clicks of a button.

* To learn more see our Resource Center.

All in one solution

To handle your real estate needs.

A complete solution for .







Available when you are

From wherever you are

With a computer

On your phone


Simple 2-step upload

On market in minutes

One button click sales

Built-in Escrow


Save up to 90% in fees

No intermediaries

No extra fees

Peer-to-peer Exchange

One-Time Investment

Proof of ownership

Upload your home on decentralized network and have a proof of ownership at your fingertips.

Upload your home
As fast as 30 seconds

Fast transactions

Sell, gift, or transfer your property to someone else, globally with a few clicks of a button.

List your property
Only 3%

Smart escrow

Avoid the expensive third-party transactions. Let the algorythm in smart escrow do all the work while you save.

Sell that house

Secure your property in minutes.

Faster, cheaper, safer way to do real estate.

1. Fill out property specifics

You must own this property or have authorization by the owners to upload and/or list it on their behalf. Remember, more information you provide, easier it is for buyer to verify and ultimately purchase.

Please enter property legal description.

  per month (gross)

Property Type

2. Upload property image

Please upload a clear, high-quality, recent (horizontal or square) image of your property. Ensure the file is in jpeg, png, or gif format; no documents or videos as they won't display.
Please note: the uploaded information is public, so no passwords, private keys, or anything else you'd like to keep private. And remember, this is about the property and not you as the owner.

Upload Deed

Congrats on your sale. Let's finalize it and get you paid! You can use title or attorney services to help you complete this process. If you wish to do it yourself, here are the 5 simple steps to make you successful:

  1. Grab an online warranty or quit-claim deed form.
  2. Use the state in which the property is located and the name of a person(s) or entity that holds legal title to the property.
  3. For the buyer information, ensure you use the name(s) they gave you.*
  4. Once you complete the form, don't sign quite yet! Find a local notary to witness and verify your signature.**
  5. Save the signed and notarized document and upload.

* Because of how decentralized this process is having a name of your buyer may not be possible. You can leave it blank and have them fill it out OR you can connect with them on our Discord server (#marketplace channel). From there, you can direct message them and finalize the process.

** If you are looking for an online notary, here are a few resources to get you started: OneNotary   LiveNotaries   SignNow .

Tsaishen Marketplace

Properties currently on the market.


tsaishen crypto house portfolio

All Your Assets

In one handy place.

If you don't see your assets, please check the following:

Connected to blockchain? 🏠 Uploaded a property? 🏠 Given sufficient time for the block production? 🏠 Using the same account you used to upload?

Contract Owner Playground

HT Bal
Promo Bal

What Happens Next?

* Leaving the property registered to you can cause problems should the new owner fail with upkeep or pay taxes, etc. As far as the government is concerned, you are the registered owner and as such responsible. And while it can be tempting (for some) to keep the property and perhaps sell it again, doing so would be considered illegal and not recommended. Utilize our Discord server to connect with the buyer, whenever possible.

Thank you for using Tsaishen Crypto House to keep, buy and sell property. We sincerely hope that this was the fastest, cheapest, and easiest house transaction process ever.
If so, will you kindly post a raving review on our or your social pages using #TsaishenCryptoHouse or @TsaishenCryptoHouse?
If there were any issues, please let us know.

Welcome Escrow Participant

Congrats for being in escrow. Here are a few items to know:

If you have questions for each other or wish to connect with other platform users, feel free to use our Discord server. And remember, time is of the essence.


Purchase Agreement

Congrats on being that much closer to finalizing your transaction. While not mandatory, it is a fairly common practice that parties involved in real estate transaction have a fully executed purchase agreement, prior to engaging in the transaction itself, regardless of the purchase modality (direct or escrow).

As a seller, you will typically begin the process. You can always utilize an attorney or an agent if you wish. If you don't, there are online forms that you can use. We are providing a few examples to get you started, however these are not recommendations and using them you do so at your own risk and volition and agree to hold us harmless, should anything not work out.

  1. Grab an online Purchase Agreement:
       Option 1         Option 2         Option 3
  2. Follow the online prompts on how to fill it out.
  3. Download and save as a PDF.
  4. Send the document to the buyer to complete, review, and sign.
  5. You can either email them directly or use Tsaishen to upload and share the document.
  6. If choosing Tsaishen, use input field below for any messages.
  7. Upload the saved document and press Save.

If you do not have the buyer's full name you can leave it blank and ask them to fill out the missing information. Additionally, invite them to email or call you with any questions or you may ask them to join our Discord server so that you can connect there (use #marketplace channel). From there, you can direct message each other to finalize the process.

Please note: the email and phone number you have provided us with will be shared with the buyer, if you use Tsaishen to upload and share the purchase agreement. You can checn and update the information on file by visiting My Profile page..


*By pressing SAVE you give us permission to share your information and message with the other party.

This your profile page

Upload To Blockchain

Here you can view and update your information, see your promotions, favorite properties, purchase agreement files, recent transactions, and feedback.

Using anything new can be owerwhelming. To help you get started, here are a few recommendations:

  1. Upload your property to blockchain
  2. If you need help, watch How To Videos
  3. Join our Discord community to connect with others and keep up with updates.
  4. Check out our blog to get some ideas of how Tsaishen Crypto House can help you.
  5. Click around and explore (you won't break anything nor be billed without knowing). MetaMask will pop up for approval, before any transactions occur.
  6. Finally, if you like what we do, invite your friends and family to join.


Purchase Agreement

Congrats on being that much closer to purchasing the property. While not mandatory, it is a fairly common practice that parties involved in real estate transaction have a fully executed purchase agreement, prior to engaging in the transaction itself, regardless of the purchase modality (direct or escrow).

As you know, the seller has uploaded purchase agreement for your review and input. Read through and complete the sent agreement. If you need more guidance or support, do an online search or seek guidance from an attorney or a trusted adviser. Here are the next steps:

  1. Download the agreement
  2. Review and fill out (or correct) your information, if missing (or incorrect).
  3. Sign and save as a PDF.
  4. You can email it directly to the seller our upload it below using Tsaishen.
  5. If choosing Tsaishen, use the input below for any short message you'd like to add.
  6. Upload the saved document and press Save.

* It is possible that your name and pertinent information may have been left out. You'll want to fill those out. If you have additional questions or comments, contact seller directly using the information below. If you'd like to utilize our Discord server to connect, kindly use #marketplace channel.


*By pressing SAVE you give us permission to share your information and message with the other party.


Simple, No Surprise Pricing.

Tsaishen has low, easy to understand, and transparent pricing structure. To upload your property onto the blockchain you pay one small fee, regardless of the value of your property. When you decide to sell, you pay a small transaction fee. If the transaction fails to complete, you pay no fees to Tsaishen Crypto.

Ethereum Logo 0.1*

Flat Fee

On blockchain in seconds

Protect your biggest asset

Store in any crypto wallet

*FREE with referral

Upload NOW
1 %

Flat Fee

No minimum

Fast and secure

Sell to anyone, worldwide

One-click transactions

Immediate payout

Sell your house
Smart Escrow Sale
2 %

Flat Fee

No minimum

Fast and secure

Sell to anyone, worldwide

One-click transactions

Added transaction protection

ZERO fee if transaction fails

Immutable process

Upload and Sell NOW

Are you an investor, flipper, developer, real estate agent who has 10 properties or more?

Contact us today for bulk discounts.


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Discover how working with Tsaishen Crypto can help you improve your ROI.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Can I use Tsaishen Crypto House for my clients?

Absolutely. Using Tsaishen Crypto is for both personal as well as client use. You will need an authorization from the legal owner to upload and transact. If you have more than 10 properties you'd like to list, please contact us for special discounts.

How does it all work?

Great question. It is so much easier (and faster) to explain this in action, so we invite you to join a webinar where we can explain everything in detail.

Why do I have to pay to tokenize my property?

We decided to charge a small investment to prevent bad actors and scams into the space. Because we are operating on a decentralized network, anyone can tokenize property. By asking for the investment we drastically reduce the probability of bogus uploads. This gives better security to the entire ecosystem.

Why is decentralization important?

With a centralized network it is easy to shut it down. If a government where you live does not like the project or the server provider goes down, everything disappears. Using publicly available network that is decentralized, even if one server goes down or one government shuts down the project, it still exists on thousands of different computers, thus making it impossible to remove.

Why is blockchain important?

Blockchain uses cryptography to encrypt and secure data. All of the information (data) is distilled into a cryptographic hash, which is a function that takes all data and turns it into a fixed-size alphanumeric string. Whenever the data changes, the hash string changes, so you know if someone has altered any information. When a new block is created it uses the hash from the previous block and appends new information. With this process, it is impossible to change any information without everyone knowing that things have changed. This makes blockchain the absolute safest database on the planet.

Why should I use Tsaishen Crypto to hold, sell or buy real estate?

Because we use decentralized public blockchain network, the ability for a nefarious player to change any information on your property records, without you (and everyone else) knowing is impossible. It safely stores data (which is already public) and using cryptography protects it. It makes the records immutable and as such gives you a piece of mind.

While of course you can use traditional methods to sell or buy real estate, using Tsaishen Crypto house and blockchain technology your transactions happen in a fraction of the time and for fraction of the cost. Traditional methods of selling a home can take weeks (the fast process) and more typically a few months. Cost wise you are looking at fees of 6-12% per transaction on the sale price of your property.

Using Tsaishen Crypto House, you can sell your property in under a 1 minute and for only 2% using direct purchase or 3% using Escrow. The best part is, the entire process is paperless and open to global marketplace, making your audience that much bigger with a potential greater chance of sale.

Tsaishen Crypto House saves you a ton of time and money.

What wallets do you support?

Currently we support MetaMask browser extension. You can get it for free and interact with many web3 platforms (including Tsaishen Crypto).

How much can a buyer save using Tsaishen Crypto?

Buying a property is a lengthy and expensive process, but it doesn't have to be. With Tsaishen Crypto you can purchase a property in a matter of minutes (or a few short days using Smart Escrow) with one click of a button and save a ton of money in fees and marked-up prices.

Sellers know that they will have to pay a lot in fees, so they list at higher price to account for those costs. As the buyer, you pay for it! In addition to those higher prices, you also pay for closing fees, inspections, appraisals, applications, paperwork, agents, and so on.

With Tsaishen Crypto House you have an option to interact with the seller directly. Given that the seller pays a much smaller fee, there is a potential that the listing price will be lower and you can potentially pay much less. When you buy, you can utilize our Smart Escrow, drastically reducing your risk. If they don't transfer the deed over to you, you pay nothing and get your money back.

How does Tsaishen Crypto help Agents?

As an agent you have many clients and they want their property sold fast, as do you. We believe that agents can provide a lot of good service and guidance, especially to new buyers, and your knowledge of the specific market is paramount to success.

Using Tsaishen Crypto House, you can streamline your process, making faster sales and transactions. Instead of having to pay for advertisements to buyers and sellers around the world, you can do it easily here on one platform. Of course, you can advertise your listings on other platforms, but once you upload the house, listing it on Tsaishen Marketplace is FREE and you gain access to global marketplace of buyers. Leverage Tsaishen Crypto House in your business! It's cheap, simple, fast, easy and secure.

How can Wholesalers use Tsaishen Crypto?

You work hard to find great deals, right? You work even harder to find buyers to purchase those at a slight mark-up. And the name of the game is: do it fast.

You need flow of deals and buyers fast. The seller wants the transaction to complete fast, and if you can pull it off, they'll recommend you to everyone they know. The buyer wants lower transaction costs and safe transactions. Tsaishen Crypto House gives you all you need: fast, cheap, secure!

Additional feature that Tsaishen Crypto House offers to wholesalers and other users with large networks is what we call Promotions.

How much does it cost to list the property for sale?

Nothing! It's absolutely FREE.

Why should I upload my house to blockchain?

If you want a peace of mind knowing that your property ownership is secure and that you have the absolute proof of it, tokenizing real estate is the way to go. Aside from having your property information on the safest network in the world, you also have a way to easily, quickly and safely transfer your property ownership to anyone: a child, spouses, or anyone anywhere.

Is tokenizing real estate dangerous?

Absolutely not. As explained earlier, blockchain is the safest database on the planet. And while your local land-registry has information about your property and your ownership, these centers can be hacked, papers can burn or disinegrate, get lost and your ability to prove ownership can become increasingly difficult. It is very easy for the bad actors to forge documents held in these centers creating a HUGE RISK to you and your biggest asset. Tokenizing real estate is probably the safest thing you can do for yourself and your wealth.

What do you mean by "tokenize real estate"?

When we say "tokenize real estate" we use is synonimously with uploading it onto the blockchain. When you upload your property with Tsaishen Crypto House, you receive a token which represents your property on the blockchain. It's sort of like a key to your specific house on the block. Unlike the regular key, this one cannot be duplicated, changed, nor unlock any other place but yours. Token you get, represents all of the data on the blockchain and your physical property.

Can I transfer or sell my token?

Yes! That is the beauty of Tsaishen Crypto House and tokenization. Once you upload your property onto the blockchain, you can list it for sale with one click of a button. You can also transfer the token ownership to anyone in the world, in minutes.

How much can I save using Tsaishen Crypto House?

The actual savings will depend on the property price, however Tsaishen Crypto users can expect to save 60-90% in fees alone, not to mention much faster process.

Average value of a home in USA today is $330,000. Using traditional listing and sales process, the seller would have to pay aproximately $40,000 in different fees. An average person buys 3 homes over their lifetime and assuming no appreciation (for the ease of math), that means that the average person LOSES $120,000 in transactions alone!

Using Tsaishen Crypto House you would pay 1 ETH (aproximately $3,500) to upload your property and pay nothing to list it. If the buyer makes the escrow purchase, you are looking at 3% fee. At a $330,000 property, you would realize the savings of 75% or $30,000 per transaction.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted?

All of the listing prices are in US dollars and transactions can be made with Ether, DAI or USDC.

How does Tsaishen Crypto help Flippers?

As a flipper you churn over many properties and the longer you hold the place, the lower your ROI. You work very hard to find great deals, upgrade them and find new owner, hopefully at a profit.

Every time you list your property for sale through traditional methods, your profits get eaten by the fees. Listing with Tsaishen Crypto you gain access to global marketplace and you reduce your fees drastically. With average savings of 70% in transaction costs, you increase your profits by that amount, each time.

Let's assume you make 4 deals per year and your average selling price is an even $100,000. Through traditional process you are looking at the cost of (roughly) $40,000 per year. With Tsaishen Crypto House your costs would be $12,000, meaning you would pocket $28,000.

It's simple: do you want to keep more of your money and boost your profitability?

What can Tsaishen Crypto do for Developers?

As a developer you depend on finding great deals and your network. Global access of the sellers (and buyers) gives you access potentially find some great deals and expand your network of investors.

Early crypto investors are sitting on billions of dollars worth of crypto and for many different reasons they are not eager to sell. However, finding a way to intelligently invest their proceeds into proven stable markets, such as real estate, simply makes sense for many of them. Tsaishen Crowdfunding coming soon.

Why Tsaishen Crypto for Syndicators?

As a syndicator you need deals and investors. And while it's likely that you have a pretty big network, growing it continuously is always a good idea. With tokenized real estate it's easy to fractionalize ownership. This means that network can grow exponentially and fractionalized tokens can provide more liquidity.

With millions of people in crypto and early addopters looking to diversify their holdings into historically stable markets, like real estate, it's easy to see why many would opt for crypto syndication deals. Due to costs, taxation, and regulation, they do not wish to convert to fiat to invest but would rather deal in crypto. They make passive income on their crypto, you get funding for your next deal. Tsaishen Syndication coming soon.

What is Tsaishen Promotions?

Buyers want to buy. Sellers want to sell. And the best way for them to do (and get) what they want is to connect. And this is where Promotions come in play.

When seller lists their property for sale, they can enable promotions. By doing so, they allow for anyone, anywhere to sign up as a promoter and help sell that place. This means potentially larger audience and faster sale.

What does the Promoter get in return for getting the word out? They get a reward fee, paid out automatically, if the property sells using their promotion link. If the property sells without the promoter, the seller gets the paid fee back. Basically making this a 100% RISK FREE transaction.

"Uploading is ridiculously simple! Listing is one click of a button. And purchase process is fast, intuitive, and cheap. This WILL BE your easiest way to do real estate ever!"

Tsaishen4Life User
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Many people are using Tsaishen Crypto House to preserve their proof of ownership and easily transfer their property onto others, from sales to gifts and everything in between.

Use Tsaishen to secure house information and prove ownership.

Use Tsaishen to buy properties at a deep discount, without using banks.

Use Tsaishen to get funding for next syndication deal, sourcing funds globally.

Use Tsaishen to sell more homes for the clients, to buyers around the world.

Use Tsaishen to share financial projections with investors.

Use Tsaishen to flip properties faster, saving over 70% in costs per flip.


Watch a webinar

Learn more about how Tsaishen can help you.

Small team. Big hearts.
One GIANT goal:

Help you do real estate YOUR way!

Tsaishen was born out of desire to help regular individuals preserve more of their wealth and get into assets. With so much money being printed, we are seeing inflation rise at record levels, driving the price of real assets up. Just in 2020 alone, under a pandemic, we've seen price of stocks, gold, bitcoin (and other cryptos), and real estate go up tremendously. Real estate in an average year, goes up aproximately 3-5%. In a great year, we see appreciaction levels at 7% or so. In 2020, price of a single family home in U.S. went up nearly 15%!

And while old methodology often shared with those in school, business owners, and employees says "save", the proven methods given to the wealthiest in history say "INVEST". And when you do, follow what the wealthies would: buy real estate (in addition to some other more speculative investments).

... ...

Why Real Estate?

Real estate has been one of the oldest assets that the royalty use to hold their wealth in. It is still the favorite asset class of the wealthy, priving you with potential tax reduction, wealth preservation, passive income and a real potential to retire early (and in style).

You can passivelly hold onto it, build a business around or on top of it, and really shape your destiny with it. Of course, it has it's draw-backs: it's a bit pricey, a tad challenging to get in, and rather illiquid.

Or is it?

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is the greatest technological innovation of the 21st century. It provides us with a way to store data in the most secure way. It is unhackable. It is immutable and transparent (no one can change anything without everyone knowing that something changed). When decentralized, it cannot be shut down. And it is globally accessible, from any computer with internet or cell service.

It is a perfect space to secure our assets, while having an easy access to them (to hold, monitor performance and transfer).

Why Crypto?

Crypto empowers blockchain projects. Built on top of it, crypto allows us to programmatically and safely create currencies and tokens to represent the value of money, network, human skills and potential, track goods and services, secure our wealth and assets. It opens a brand new paradigm for how we do everything when it comes to business, including real estate.

Combined together, blockchain and crypto give us a unique ability and opportunity to rethink value of money and make once illiquid assets, such as real estate, liquid.

When you combine the power of the old and proven path to wealth of real estate, with the new, innovative, and safe way to store your value and wealth, easy, cheap and safe transfers it to anyone anywhere in the world, you get a true power of financial wealth that is smart, strategic and so Tsaishen.

2020 In Numbers


Real Estate


Crypto Marketcap


Crypto Real Estate Projects


Crypto Real Estate Projects
Owner Focused

Why Tsaishen?
We strive to give you the best of both worlds...

Bringing the real physical assets into the digital economy, for faster, cheaper, and safer global transactions. And leveraging the digital assets with the physical hard asset economy, providing real value to real people in the form of real estate.

In essence, we are combining two incredibly powerful ecosystems to empower you and everything you want to do.

Over the last 10-20 years our world has shifted incredibly fast, from how we communicate and work to how we shop and travel, eat, play, and do everything else in between. Our world has moved drastically online. And if you are over age 30 you likely remember the days before that transition.

In 1995 or even 2005 you would have never thought that your 5-year old would be attending classes online, through a thing called Zoom. Yet in 2020 we've done just that. And if someone told you that you'd use your phone to place a stock buy and sell orders without actually calling anyone but clicking a button on a screen and doing it for free, you would have thought them mad. Yet, in 2020 millions of young-adults (and even teenagers) have used Robinhood app to do just that.

Next 10-20 years will move even faster. The entire world will operate on blockchain and crypto will be the only way to transact and do business. Nearly every company will have their own token, countries will have their own digital currencies and every asset imaginable will be tokenized, from houses to cars and likely your shoes.

The world as we know it will transform completely and that transformation will give you power to financially benefit, if you adopt it (the earlier the better). And while this change is scarry for some, to those unwilling to embrace it, those willing to step in and try it will benefit greatly, both short and long term. Tokenizing real estate will be the norm and buying and selling real estate will be all done online using protocols, like Tsaishen, to buy, sell, borrow, lend, rent, and secure your ownership.

Today, you have an opportunity to enter the future.


Interested in joining Tsaishen protocol?

Hit us up and let's get in touch.


Buy Safely.
From Anyone.
Smart Escrow.

Tsaishen's Smart Escrow contracts allow you to safely buy and sell your properties without having to hire an expensive third party provider, just to ensure everyone plays fair. Instead, we leverage technology to do the same thing.

Built for speed

We know that time is of the essence and your transactions are important to run smooth and fast, so your contract executes in seconds.

Designed for transparency

Tsaishen smart escrows are designed to be accurate and neutral every step of the way and transparently protect your interest in a transaction.

Focused on safety

Escrow protects your funds and you pay ZERO fees, if transaction fails. Clicking "buy with escrow" automatically executes the contract.

Trusting the other party in a transaction

The biggest fear in doing a transaction with a total stranger is that they might take advantage of you. Tsaishen helps you transact globally without a worry, with an escrow to protect your interests.


Protecting The Seller

You listed a property for sale and found a buyer. AWESOME! Now you worry, if they'll transfer funds once you transfer the deed?

Protecting The Buyer

Found a great deal? Good for you! Now you wonder: if you send the money, will you ever get the deed?


Protecting A Community.

Tsaishen is focused on helping foster a community of buyers and sellers, to freely trade with one another, even when worlds apart.

Tsaishen Smart Escrow protects both buyer and seller by locking up funds until the transfer is complete and offering a 100% refund and zero fees on failed transactions.

Traditional real estate escrow companies often don't work on independent transactions under a certain threshold, making it nearly impossible to buy or sell affordable real estate in a safe manner.

With Tsaishen Escrow you can save between 50-90% per transaction and know that you're in good hands.


An escrow solution without limits or minimums

Unlike the traditional escrow, our fees are lower, process is faster and we have no limit to the amount of your transaction. Why? Because we use technology to deliver needed service, at a fraction of the cost and speed. Here are the basic steps on how to make our smart escrow work for you:

Tokenize and list for sale.

Upload the property to the blockchain and then create a listing by clicking a sell button.

Enter the escrow.

When a buyer selects your property the escrow contract kicks in, starting a clock, locking the funds and the property.

Complete the transaction.

When the seller completes deed to transfer legal ownership, the process is complete with each party getting what they wanted.

Why trust Smart Escrow?

Smart Escrow is neutral and was built specifically to protect the users in a transaction. Just like you can have a neutral third party ensure that each person in a transaction give and get what they need, the computer algorythm can do the same...

... only faster and cheaper.

Tsaishen Smart Escrow is neutral and objective

For some reason we trust a person that appears to be neutral and objective. But we fail to understand that people are not always neutral and objective and some could lean to side that is not beneficial to us.

Computer algorythms, on the other hand, are pre-programmed to execute exactly the same, regardless who the user is. Adding such an algorythm on blockchain, where it cannot be changed, means that you can rest easily knowing that you get exactly the same treatment as the other party.

That is what we call neutral and objective. And that is something you can trust.

Stop leaving money on the table.

You traded your heard-earned money to get your property. You worked hard and sacrificed days, nights, weekends, holidays. When it's time to cash in, are you really going to just gift a huge chunk of your wealth to a total stranger? Now, when there are alternatives?!

It's YOUR money, YOUR transaction, YOUR wealth, YOUR work. Sell your house with Tsaishen, provide FREE Escrow, and SAVE up to 90% on the selling expenses.

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